Welcome to Cornerstone Baptist Church affectionately known as "The Stone" by members and guests. It is our prayer that your visit to this website will encourage you to be our guest in our worship service or Bible study groups.

Temporary Sunday 

Worship Service Schedule


Connect Groups 9AM - However, all classes    are cancelled through April 12.

* We are streaming our 10am Service.

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Morning Live Stream!

Join us for a live stream of our Sunday morning services at 10AM.

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We didn't forget about our kids! Each Sunday we will post a video link that you can watch with your children then discuss it with them. There will also be downloads available of coloring sheets and puzzles that go along with the lesson. Click the image or link above to access the video, activities and more!

This Week The Kids Are Studying
Prison Break - Acts 16




MAY 30th!

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Cornerstone Census       
We're cleaning up our church rolls and we want you counted on our church roster. If you're a member here, please complete our online form by clicking the image below or clicking this link.
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If you watched our service for the first time this week. Please let us know. Complete the form via this link. Thank you for joining us!

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Please mute your phone or device unless you are speaking. Thanks.

You can also click the image above to join the prayer call. Thank you.

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We Want To Stay 
In Touch With You!

To get up-to-the minute information from Cornerstone regarding news, updates, and changes, please text WELCOME to 817.468.0083. Thank you!
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Text any amount to 817.567.2358         to donate to Cornerstone Baptist Church. Thank you.

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Men's Weekly

 Bible Study

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Join Pastor McKissic each Tuesday night at 7pm for Men's Bible Study. Join us via Zoom at https://zoom.us/j/381643946. 

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Today, several of the leading causes of death—Heart Disease, Cancers, Strokes, Injuries, Chronic Lung Disease, Pneumonia/Influenza, Diabetes, Suicide, HIV/AIDS, Homicide, Liver Disease—are considered "lifestyle" diseases because they could be reduced through common sense changes in lifestyle. Sadly, the time for making needed changes in our own lives gets pushed on the back burner until a crisis occurs. The church today represents a natural point of reference for many communities. 

The Wellness Ministry emphasizes the holistic approach to the well-being of the body, mind and spirit within the congregation. Healing, health, and wellness will be promoted among the church members as well as the surrounding community. It is a cooperative effort that includes the support of the church leadership, participation of church members interested in wellness, and other health agencies in the community.   

The Wellness Ministry would like your assistance to help them plan the best and most effective programs for us here at Cornerstone. If you would please take a few minutes and complete our wellness survey, we would be very grateful. Simply point your camera at the QR code below or use your QR Code Reader app. You can also go to the link below. Thank you.


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Cornerstone Church Vision

Download a copy of the message and original vision by clicking here.

 Membership Matters

Click the link or picture below to complete your 2020 membership matters form.  

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Sunday School

If you're looking for a way to connect at Cornerstone and find a great family environment, join a Connect Group! We have classes Sunday mornings at 9AM. Check out a class this Sunday!

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